How Did I Sleep? - The Android App for Tracking Sleep Patterns


How did you sleep last night?  How about the night before?  What about last Tuesday?

If you cannot answer these questions you probably need "How Did I Sleep?"  Wake up each morning to a gentle reminder to rate your sleep on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, then review your history quickly and easily right in the app.  You can log your alarm time, snooze time, and when you turned the alarm off in addition to your star rating.

How to Get It

"How Did I Sleep?" is distributed on Google Play Store and is listed here.  You can also follow it on AppBrain.

How to Use

"How Did I Sleep?" is very easy to use.  Simply start the app and you will be presented with the Options tab.  Simply set a time for your alarm and turn the alarm on.  When the alarm goes off, you will hear an audible alarm as well as see a new notification in the notifications area.  You can click the notification to bring "How Did I Sleep?" to the front.  To turn off or snooze the alarm, simply select the Today tab on the app and then click the Snooze or Turn Off Alarm buttons.  Be sure to set your sleep rating before turning off the alarm!

Review Your Sleep

You can view your sleep history by selecting the History tab.  Your history will be shown in date descending order (newest entries first) and you can see what time the alarm was set for, when the last snooze occurred and what time the alarm was turned off.  You also get your star ratings.

About the author

Payton is married to Rebecca Lynne Byrd and has three wonderful children, Mary, Robert and JT.  Payton is a professional software developer and currently works as contractor for Link Systems in Nashville, TN and Tool Planners Inc in Hendersonville, TN.  Payton also is an active member of the Commodore 64 scene having recently created and released demos and original music.  Payton is the creator of CBM-Command, which is an Orthodox File Manager for the Commodore 8-bit line of computers.

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