Heartbleed: Told You So

by Payton Byrd 15. April 2014 18:54

I wrote this five years ago.  I was scorned.  Look who's laughing now (the CTO with an all-Microsoft stack).



Arduino Galileo

by Payton Byrd 10. January 2014 07:05

I just purchased an Arduino Galileo yesterday.  I plan on porting Hayesduino to it as soon as Visual Micro gets updated to support the Galileo the extra RAM and CPU should allow me to add a lot of features, plus the Galileo has a real time clock!



Arduino | Hayesduino

BridgeBBS: Open Source At Last

by Payton Byrd 27. December 2013 17:43

It's that time!  I've released BridgeBBS to the world via open source on CodePlex.  It's still very much a work in progress, but I have a volunteer who wants to work on the project so I decided to go ahead and get everything set up on CodePlex.  

Go check it out today:  http://bridgebbs.codeplex.com

On another note, I've started my version of Empire for BridgeBBS.  It's a bit more sophisticated than the original BASIC version, but I think people will enjoy the changes.  Here's some highlights:

  • Collect wood, stone and food
  • Earn gold from Markets, Foundries, Brothels and Banks
  • Build Markets, Foundries, Brothels, Banks and castle upgrades with wood and stone
  • Buy infantry, archers, catapults, knights and barons with gold
  • Peasants are allocated to each building, so make sure you have enough peasants before buying that new building!
  • Round-based combat.  
  • Combat modifiers for castle upgrades, number of barons on the battlefield, etc.
  • Fire may burn up food and wood stores, but you won't lose land!
  • Revolution only in extremely bad economic conditions
  • Global economy affects individual empires.  Global food shortages?  Get more gold for selling extra food!  Too much food?  Food prices are lower.
I'm also looking for any input you might as well!


BridgeBBS | Commodore | Programming

Cool Arduino Idea

by Payton Byrd 22. December 2013 17:42

I just had an idea for an arduino based add on to the Commodore 64.

It would do a couple of things:

1) Reset the C64 on receiving an authenticated command over the internet

2) stream the C64 composite video over the internet

3) interface with the keyboard to allow a remote user to enter keys directly to the c64.

This way I could reboot the BBS from afar.  The reset and keyboard stuff is gravy.  I wonder what kind of video capture shields are available for Arduino....


Arduino | Commodore

BridgeBBS: It's Alive!

by Payton Byrd 20. December 2013 23:54

A couple of big developments on the BridgeBBS front.  First, the message system is functional and stable.  A few features need to be buttoned up, and a proper editor written (the current one does not do word wrap).  

Second, and more exciting, is that BridgeBBS has made it's first step towards multi-platform as it now runs on the C128!  Since the 128 has less RAM available to CC65 programs, I'll be using it as my dev target so I make sure all of the overlays fit as expected when porting to other systems.

Whew, never thought I'd get this far!


Go there now!  bbs.paytonbyrd.com  port 23


BridgeBBS | Commodore | Programming

Bridge BBS: More Progress

by Payton Byrd 15. December 2013 23:57

So I've been a busy beaver today.  I managed to write a very simple text editor for the BBS and now have it posting and reading messages in threads, which pretty much allows me to call it a BBS now.  So go on over and call it!

bbs.paytonbyrd.com port 23

See ya there!



Bridge BBS: Lots of progress

by Payton Byrd 15. December 2013 12:12

I've been making a lot of progress on my BBS project, codename BridgeBBS.  Why is it called BridgeBBS?  Well, the intent is to create a single BBS software that can run on any CC65 target that supports CONIO and serial communication.  The BBS will translate between any combination of PETSCII, ASCII, ANSI and ATASCII.  This will give it infinite flexibility.  The ultimate target for it would be the Apple IIgs as it's got lots of horsepower, though a C64 with a SuperCPU would be great too.

What's done so far:

  1. Shared resources and dispatcher
  2. Offline user editing
  3. Partial offline subboard management
  4. Online user application
  5. Login sequence
  6. Subboards are about 50% complete.  Subboards and Thread navigation are complete.  Working on posting and reading messages currently.
What's coming up soon:
  1. PETSCII to ASCII translation
  2. Commodore Flyer serial driver
  3. Commodore 128 target
  4. Simple message editor.  A more full-featured editor will come later.
What's in the long term:
  1. EMPIRE!
  2. Voting Booth
  3. Graffiti Wall
  4. Robust message editor
  5. UD System with XModem and hopefully YModem
  6. Apple II target
  7. Atari 800 target
  8. PETSCII/ASCII/ANSI/ATASCII round-robin translation
  9. A lot of stuff I've forgotten here
I try to keep a current build up and running for testing at bbs.paytonbyrd.com on port 23.  Give it a swirl and let me know how it goes.


Commodore | Programming | BridgeBBS

New Hayesduino Mailing List

by Payton Byrd 9. December 2013 14:22

I've started a mailing list for Hayesduino:



Anything relating to Hayesduino is acceptable.


Arduino | Programming | Hayesduino

Hayesduino Released

by Payton Byrd 4. December 2013 15:43

I have finally gotten around to cleaning up the Hayesduino code and releasing it on Codeplex.  You can download the code, a HEX for the Arduino Mega 2560, and the documentation at:




Arduino | Programming

Hayesduino enters the Mega Era

by Payton Byrd 10. November 2013 14:57

So I’ve been working on cleaning up the Hayesduino code this afternoon and I’ve implemented some sorely needed commands.  You can now query the current value all of the registers that are implemented.  This includes getting the host names used in the phonebook and the IP address settings.

Some examples:

Get the first phonebook entry:


Get the flag for using DHCP:


Note: Only one register can be read at a time.  No success/failure is indicated on a successful return.

You may be asking what the whole Mega Era thing is about.  Well, simply, there is not enough free space in the Arduino Uno (and it’s derivatives) for all of the code necessary to do the register reporting.   Moving to the Mega gives a LOT more space for features and good suggestions are welcome.


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